February News

The wind still whistles at the door, a draft trying to creep in under the curtains but there’s a crackling fire in the grate which is winning the fight whilst my snoring lurcher keeps one ear up as a radar – for what I’m not too sure.  Happy days these whilst we can make the most of the cold crispness that seems to ebb and flow almost as regularly as the tide.  January saw Smudgie Dog and I take to the hills of Northumbria  for a few days of R&R.  A lovely little cottage beside the sea was ours for too short a time but time that was spent well.  A day spent on holy island, another spent being Romans and one spent up on the moors with what should have been the most stunning of views – I’m sure that they were but it was soooo very cold that a blue haze shrouded the countryside.  So now we are all systems go for the Year, lots of new ideas, trying to keep things fresh and zingy with our usual little twist, so keep checking the deli counter.

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