January News

Happy New Year!

I hope you have had some time off and a chance to celebrate something with some excellent food.  Relish turned 9 just before Christmas so we are all looking forward to planning a party for you this year and lots of excuses to throw open the doors and offer some tasty food and possibly a glass or two of something bubbly!

Many of you will have heard that we will no longer be catering for Malton Golf Club come the end of January.  We are sure going to miss that lovely big kitchen but it turns out we’re just not into golf as much as we are into food and we all want the deli to remain our top priority.   So we are currently sourcing a unit on the industrial estate and 2017 is looking like it’s going to be a great year for the team, the skies the only limit with our own prep kitchen for back up.

Supper Club is going to be amazing this month, I’m so excited!  It’s a big step up in Indian cooking for me but tasters and trial runs have been flying out of the kitchen over the past few days and all met with eager anticipation and good reviews; there’s nothing better to eat on a cold winters day than something light, bright and full of flavour.  However we are only going to be running supper club on the 11th and 18th of this month as yours truly is going to take a week off at the end of the month.  Mainly to recharge the somewhat slowing batteries but also to get to London on a one women crusade to locate and tick off the bucket list as many Persian/Far Eastern/Moroccan/Generally a bit different Delis as she can find.  Let’s face it I’ve been talking about them for so long, it’s about time I sampled them.  Any recommendations or favourite hangouts that you think I should experience let me know.


January Supper Club

This world renowned curry house is from Bradford and started off as a deli.  The restaurant began having global success when they appeared in Ramsay’s Best Restaurant TV Show in 2010.  We’ve made this whole meal Vegan, and its definitely not missing any meat!  Join us for a healthy fun start to the Relish Supper Clubs ’17.

Wednesday 11th & 18th
7pm start £22.50

Prashads world famous Spring Rolls with a Coriander & Garlic Relish

Lemon & Coriander Potato Pakora with Kacha Tomato

Lentil Dumplings with cumin yoghurt & Imli Chutney (tamarind)

Garlicky curried purple Yams with Mura Raitu (radishes)

Pea & Cauliflower curry with Mushroom Palak, Sorghum (GF soda bread), Baath (boiled basmati rice) & Dhal

Rose Almond Milkshakes with Vanilla Ice cream & Vermicelli

accompanied by Sesame Jaggery Squares

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